CPS Film Screening: I Get Up

Watch online for the duration of the main festival. This film screening is part of the Creative Practice Symposium.

The film I Get Up resulted from a HEIF funded project by Roberta Piazza. It reflects the collective work of clients at a day centre for people experiencing homelessness and attempts to give voice to these often silenced people. Once a week over four months, and following a trial project earlier in the year, the clients were engaged in a series of artistic workshops under the guidance of Emma Higham (RAPT Theatre). The activities, carefully planned yet flexible and responsive to the participants’ moods and inclinations, were physical and verbal, collective and individual. A weekly filmed diary was produced by Richard Dufty (RBD Design) and Emma resulting in I Get Up, the title of which comes from the group’s collective poem. Various genres emerged from the group work, from political discussions, to poetry, self-narratives and storytelling, to film reviews and dramatic scripts, most of which are collected in the short film. 

The resulting film and group’s work was exhibited during the Brighton Festival at ONCA Gallery. Research team: Roberta Piazza (Sussex HEIF funds) project director, Emma Higham (RAPT) Lead Artist, Rich Dufty (RBD design) Video Artist.

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