CPS Film Screening: The Disappearing of Vincent Gambini

This film screening was part of the Creative Practice Symposium.

In March 2020 the tour of Vincent Gambini’s latest magic show was cancelled due to the pandemic. Made entirely in lockdown, this new film combines sleight-of-hand magic with the search for contact at a time of isolation.

What happens when the line between reality and fiction vanishes into thin air?

In Spring 2020 Vincent Gambini began touring his show about a magician in crisis over the state of the world. “What is the point of magic…”, asked the exasperated Gambini, dropping his props and collapsing on the stage floor, “…when everything is falling apart? This is the last show I do. I quit!”

Gambini couldn’t have predicted that his tour would actually be cancelled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featuring the empty streets of Brighton in lockdown, as well as private rehearsal footage and phone conversations, this new film reflects on the laborious preparation behind sleight-of-hand magic, and the search for human contact at a time of isolation.

Please note: This film was shown for only a limited time during the festival. To learn more about the filmmakers and their work, please visit their websites:

Image credits: Still from the Disappearing of Vincent Gambini, by Augusto Corrieri and Hugo Glendinning, 2021.

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