Punk women: Memoirs and biographies

This panel discussed how punk women have and can write themselves into punk’s history.

In 2016 Viv Albertine took a sharpie and wrote herself back into the History of Punk by adding her name to the history board of the British Library’s exhibition to mark the 40th anniversary of Punk. In this panel we explored the ongoing ways in which women have written themselves into the history of punk using their life stories. Celeste Belle and Zoe Howe collaborated to produce Dayglo: The Poly Styrene story, and the recent documentary Poly Styrene: I’m a Cliche about Celeste’s mother. Together they explored how women can write themselves and each other into Punk history, and how women get written out in the first place.

Photo Credits: Museum of Youth Culture Archive.

Organised in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood’s Intellectuals Unite, The Subcultures Network and The Museum of Youth Culture.

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  • Start Date
    12 June, 2021 1:00 pm
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    12 June, 2021 2:15 pm
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